Vitamins for women 50+


Product detail

A package of premium accessories for women over 30 created by experts from the Werbea brand. The basis of the Beauty Collagen package with Vitamin C hydrates the skin, increases the firmness, elasticity of the skin and makes your skin softer. It can improve hair quality, speed up hair growth and reduce greys. It reduces the formation of wrinkles and helps reduce existing ones. By combining Power Collagen and MCT Oil, you will support fat burning and provide your body with a fast and healthy source of energy. With Omega 3 you reduce the formation of calcium deposits in the arteries. At the same time, they have a positive effect on the psyche and kidneys. Vitamin Calcium + Magnesium + D3 and K2 with Power Collagen can reduce the pain of swollen joints and improve their mobility. Thanks to Selenium, Zinc + Vitamin E, you will support the proper function of the immune system. Their combination can help protect against infectious diseases.